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Please take a moment to read what our patients have to say about their experience at DMC Tour Dental. See what others have to say about how various treatments such as dental implants, All on 4, Laminate Veneers, Dental Bonding, and Hollywood Smile treatment have helped dramatically improve our patient's well-being.
Christin Burfield

Hi had a great experience from start to finish my dentist Gökhan was so nice and professional, another bonus she was really quick as I was really scared he talked me though it all step by step, so pleased with my results would recommend DMC Tour Dental to anyone. If you are thinking of getting your teeth done, all staff superfamily, thank you again.

Janet Oslo
United Kingdom

Great experience from start to finish. The clinic was extremely responsive to my messages and questions before I arrived in Antalya. A transfer was arranged to pick me up from my hotel for each of my appointments. Everything was explained to me thoroughly throughout each stage of the process. Most importantly, I’m really happy with my new smile.

Jane Mcnerney
United Kingdom

What an incredible place this is and the high standards do not disappoint From the very first message sent right through to the end of my treatment the staff at DMC Tour Dental have been phenomenal. I’m so happy with my smile now it’s definitely giving me more confidence going forward. I’ll definitely be returning once a year for checkups. Thank you once again DMC Tour Dental and keep up the amazing work you carry out

Samuel K.
United States Of America

Had a great experience, interrupted by 2 years with covid. Doctors were brilliant. Absolutely thrilled with the result. Everyone at DMC Tour Dental was fantastic from the front desk upwards.  Thanks everyone. Antalya was nice. Thank you ones again. Happy smiling

Michael Muscat

The completion of my treatment went easily without any problems or delays. The experienced and friendly staff at DMC Tour Dental were just so professional throughout. If you need dental work to do in Turkey think again DMC Tour Dental would easily be your best option

Ashutosh Ajgaokar

DMC Tour Dental is one of the best clinics for your dental treatment. They provide top-notch treatment in smile redesign, dental makeovers, tooth extraction, fillings etc. Doctors are super friendly and helpful. The staff is well mannered. The cost is affordable! But highly recommended.

Mr. Aeron

I had a great and comprehensive experience at DMC Tour Dental to get two implants and crowns implanted within 2 weeks! The dentists were all very thorough and efficient. Great results. Dr. Oznur, Thank you Funda for coordinating everything

Our Patients Talk About Their Experience.

Please take a moment to read what our patients have to say about their experience at DMC Tour Dental Clinic. See what others have to say about how various treatments such as dental implants, All on 4, Laminate Veneers, Dental Bonding, and Hollywood Smile

treatment have helped dramatically improve our patient’s well-being. As part of our commitment and dedication to our patients, it is our priority to help everyone achieve the beautiful, healthy smile that makes them proud to show off to family and friends.

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    Sean K.
    United Kingdom

    DMC Tour Dental has given me a completely different insight into dentistry. I have always been scared of the dentist but these professionals took great care of me. I’ll be back in 6 months for phase two.

    Great reception team friendly, helpful and always accommodating. Their coffee is the best! Thank you Dr. Esra for taking such good care of me. If I missed out on names don’t take offense. I appreciate each and every one of the team members who looked after me.

    Also special Thanks to Hasan Basri the International Clients Manager. His day to day care and follow up on my progress and well-being was truly sincere and came from the heart. Thanks 🙏❤️🙏

    Ash Solomon
    United Kingdom

    I would like to give my best to the outstanding team at DMC Tour Dental for giving me back my long-gone beautiful smile. The professionalism, care and competence with which my treatment was done is beyond words could describe.

    I am eternally grateful to DMC Tour Dental and the team for the best care that I received. Their dedication, hospitality and going that extra-mile attitude made my stay and treatment seamless. A word of gratitude to the admin team, PR personnel and all the dentists and dental assistants for all their hard work.

    Will surely recommend DMC Tour Dental to anyone needing dentistry work as for the 1st time experienced no pain at the dentist, totally refuting the saying – no pain, no gain. All the best team and keep making people smile😊😊

    Zeel Sharma

    I got my 2 RCT’s done at DMC Tour Dental recently, I am a person who is literally scared of dental treatments, however, DMC Tour Dental and doctor Ishak to the rescue have helped me throughout the process.

    It was smooth and pain-free and very importantly hygienic. Doctor Ishak is amazing, he is very professional and polite and understands the patient needs and behavior completely, he did everything with utmost care and it never hurt actually post which Doctor Ishak did my crowning part, she is also very helpful, polite and understanding, she took care of my choices nicely and helped finish the process.

    Lastly, the entire team, especially the frontend team, is also amazing, friendly, and welcoming. I highly recommend them.

    Sue Smith
    United Kingdom

    The service and expertise was excellent from start to finish, including arranging collections from the airport and advice on accommodation. They also arranged our timetable so we could have a couple of days’ break to fly to Antalya and have some ‘tourist time’!

    Thanks to everyone at DMC Tour Dental, particularly Dr.Esra for her care and concern every step of the way 👍🤗

    Josh S.

    My experience at DMC Tour Dental was professional staff and clinic. I would recommend DMC Tour Dental.

    Dr Gokhan was exceptional in his dealing with me. The reception staff were friendly in all my dealings with the clinic Hasan was my coordinator and he was brilliant.

    Millhopper Liquors
    United States Of America

    I had the best experience with this DMC Tour Dental clinic is their staff is professional, friendly and very caring. They are unbelievably good I’m very happy with my first-hand experience. I think you should be happier too. If you were to get the treatment here. They are very professionals

    Louise Densley

    My experience at DMC Tour Dental has been incredible. Initially came to visit interested in full implants for my top denture. I have ended up having a complete mouth restoration and could not recommend them more highly. From the reception staff who have provided support and the team of specialists who have worked together, it has been an easy and relatively painless journey.

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    I highly recommend booking in with DMC Tour Dental for your dental care, if you need a little more care than just a filling or only one crown, the money you can save is incredible.

    Their hygienic standards are what you expect in any first world country. I know Poland can provide similar care/prices, but my experience with Turkey hospitality, care and professionalism, made me feel confident about my choice of flying to Turkey. There are so many overseas travellers visiting DMC Tour dental offices now, that there is no reason to doubt their ability to provide the best care.

    I went to Antalya 11 years ago and went back this year, to have some extra crowns done, as I am a happy return customer!

    Do not doubt just contact them, all you will do is SMILE, when you leave.

    Brian B.
    United Kingdom

    I first came here in 2021 to have some major dental work carried out. I was shown great kindness and professionalism from everyone at DMC Tour Dental, I completed my treatment after having to do a 2nd trip in 2021.

    I had to return this year 2022 to correct a problem, and once again the standards hadn’t changed. I’m so pleased I researched DMC Tour Dental and placed my treatment in their hands… I can fully recommend them if you are thinking of having dental work carried out.

    They have visitors from many countries and continents, I’m from the UK and I’ve met clients from America, New Zealand, Australia, Africa etc…

    So a big thank to all the staff for again putting me at ease. Thank for my smile Dr Ishak.

    Hans S.
    New Zeeland

    The treatment at DMC Tour Dental in Antalya has been an amazing experience in all regards. I followed an acquaintance’s recommendation and here I am now, with five implants done and temporary dentures to go home with.

    All staff have been amazing and super friendly, from the front desk guys to all the very capable specialists involved in my specific treatments.

    Thanks also to Buket who has managed the communication, appointments and transfer to the airport.

    Without her first phone call, I wouldn’t be here now.

    I already look forward to coming back in 4-6 months to get my permanent dentures done.

    Greetings from New Zealand

    Jonas McCarry
    United Kingdom

    It was great service very professional. All doctors are great. Definitely I will visit for all my dental work. High-quality service and treatments. Dr.Oznur were nice. Front desk team like Ayse, Buket Omar and Funda were very helpful and excellent thank you all I am happy

    Oliver B.

    Very happy with the outcome. Highly professional care. Dr.Esra were very caring, heard all observations and addressed all concerns. Excellent.

    Equally the admin and front office staff were courteous and extended the best care and comfort.

    Recommend DMC Tour Dental and the doctors highly.

    Anthony K.
    United Kingdom

    I had great experience with Dr.Gokhan he’s the best and I recommend coming to DMC Tour Dental for the dental needs ask for Dr Ishak.

    I just love him and his work so much thank you Dr. Esra . The front desk team was very helpful and was very welcoming,thank you DMC Tour Dental I am very happy

    Beatrice F.

    What an amazing experience. From the moment you walk through the door you are treated like a part of there family. All the doctor here are in a class of there own they are the best of the best. There work is amazing and in my time here I have only heard the same from other patients no one has a bad word to say. I don’t care where you live in the world your next dental appointment should be at DMC Tour Dental. I can’t praise the whole entire staff enough. I want to thank DMC Tour Dental Team for bringing back my smile.

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