While technology is developing at a rapid pace, dentistry takes the advantage of these developments to the fullest. E-max crowns are the last miracle in dentistry, and they are becoming widely preferred by many patients all around the world.

Just like all other crowns, e-max crowns are used to treat disfigured, stained, or damaged teeth. In addition to this, it is a great choice for aesthetic purposes. As we are DMC Tour Dental e-max crown treatments to our patients from all around the world. If you would like to learn more about this innovative treatment in dentistry, then this guide is for you.

Below, we have covered every single detail about e-max crowns and their procedures. We can also provide consultancy or guidance for choosing the best treatment for your current oral health problems.

Thus, feel free to contact our representatives whenever you want. Now, let’s check what is e-max, when it can be preferred, their duration, and much more!

What Is

E-max crowns are basically all ceramic crowns, which are made of lithium disilicate material. The most important feature of these crowns is they are made of a single block. This provides added durability and strength to your crown and lets you enjoy it for a lifetime.

Lithium disilicate material is famous for its superior strength. In addition to this, it looks very similar to natural teeth and thus, it does not disturb the overall look of the patient by any means.

They are slightly translucent, and it is possible to find the best matching color with your original teeth. This is why e-max is often used in the treatment of front teeth. Another issue worth mentioning is e-max crown costs. They are way more affordable compared to other crowns. Needless to say, they do not trigger bodily reactions and responses like inflammation.

What Kind of Dental Treatment is an E-max Crown?

E-max crowns can be used in all kinds of dental treatments, where dental crowns need to be used. In this regard, they are not much different than any other crowns made of different materials. On the contrary, they offer additional benefits.

In this regard, some of the dental treatments that e-max crowns can be used include protecting weak teeth from decay or breaking as well as keeping the cracked teeth together. However, they can also be used for restoring severely worn or broken teeth.

E-max crowns are also ideal for supporting or covering teeth with a large filling, especially the ones made of amalgams. They are also widely preferred for keeping dental bridges in their place and preventing their possible movements.

Of course, just like all other common dental treatments such as covering a dental implant, teeth treated with root canal treatment, and severely discolored or misshapen teeth. In summary, you can prefer an e-max crown for almost all kinds of dental treatment.

What Are the Advantages of E-max Crowns?

As we noted before, DMC Tour Dental e-max crown services come with numerous benefits. Most of these benefits are due to the nature of the substance used in these crowns. Additionally, receiving dental treatment services in Turkey will let you enjoy affordable e-max crown prices.

The first and most prominent advantage of e-max crowns is they perfectly match the color of your natural teeth. Thanks to the sufficient translucency of lithium disilicate, e-max crowns are one of the best all-porcelain prostheses you can prefer to match your natural teeth color.

Considering that e-max crowns are all-porcelain prostheses, you will not have to worry about body reactions or responses during or after the treatment. This means that these crowns do not include any metal alloy under the porcelain. As a result, you will get crowns that exactly look like your natural teeth.

Another important advantage of e-max crowns is durability. Since they are made of lithium disilicate, they have superior strength. This comes with less risk for fracture or cracks. They are even more durable compared to zirconia crowns.

Since these crowns can be manufactured by using CAD-CAM technology, they offer great versatility in terms of use. From treating your oral problems to improving your smile with smile design applications, e-max crowns can be used in a wide range of areas depending on your needs.

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    How Are E-max Crowns Used in Smile Design?

    Because of their perfect match with the natural teeth color of patients, e-max crowns are widely preferred in smile design and other similar treatments. In addition to this, they are way more durable than any alternative.

    Of course, e-max crown costs are also another important determinant of why most people prefer these crowns in their smile design. Just like all other all-porcelain crowns, e-max can also be used for various purposes such as covering teeth, closing gaps, and fixing bridges in their places.

    In other words, e-max crowns can be used for all kinds of purposes unless the patient’s current oral condition allows it. Although they can be directly used in your smile design to eliminate discoloration or stains on teeth, they can be used after certain treatments.

    For example, if you need to get root canal treatments, you need to wait for these treatments to be completed before the application of e-max crowns.


    How Much Substance Is Lost in My Teeth During the Procedure?

    The good thing is that e-max crown placement or application is not different from other crowns. This means that you do not have to worry about the substance lost in your teeth during the treatment.

    In general, little to no substance will be removed from your teeth so that the crown can be placed securely. However, this also varies depending on your oral problem and the condition of your tooth or teeth. On the other hand, if you do not have enough substance to support the crown, then e-max crowns may not be a suitable treatment for you. In this case, your dentist will recommend alternative treatments to treat the problem.

    Just like in all dental applications, it is not possible to provide you exact answer about how much substance you will lose without an examination. On the other hand, most patients lose little to no substance for the treatment.

    How Long Will These Processes Take?

    Emax crown procedures may vary from one patient to another. The number of teeth to be treated, the condition of the patient and the application method vary these processes. On the other hand, we have provided the average time required to complete the treatment in the following.

    In general, the procedure takes somewhere between two and four hours. However, you will need at least three appointments for a successful application. The good thing is the entire process can be completed somewhere between five and seven days.

    If you would like to get more information about how long your e-crown processes will take, you can always contact our team. However, the most precise information can be provided right after your examination.

    What Are the Durations and Warranty Coverage of These Processes?

    The average lifetime of e-max crowns is somewhere between 15 and 20 years. However, if you follow the recommendations of your dentist and take care of your oral care very well, you can enjoy your e-max crowns for a lifetime without any challenges. On the other hand, the warranty coverage of e-max crowns may vary from one clinic to another. There are no standard warranty coverages in dentistry and dental treatments. On the other hand, we provide satisfactory warranty coverage for our patients.

    All our procedures are backed by our brand and clinics. We ensure the satisfaction of our customers at all costs and always provide treatments that satisfy them. You can contact our team to learn more about our warranty coverages.

    Is It Common for the E-max Crowns to Break or Fall Off?

    Just like all other crowns, e-max crowns may also break and fall off in time. However, the likelihood of this problem is significantly lower in e-max crowns when compared to the other crowns. If you suffer such problems right after your treatment, these will be covered by our warranty coverage. However, if you experience such problems a year after the treatment, you should not try to treat them on your own. You need to get professional help from a dentist. Your dentist will provide detailed information about the cause of the problem and provide a detailed treatment. The good thing is such problems can be treated with small and quick treatments.

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