How To Save Tetracycline Teeth?

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How to save tetracycline teeth?

Healthy teeth have strong and bright enamel. But under the influence of negative factors, its colour may change. This happens when taking tetracycline antibiotics. The enamel changes to brown, orange or even brown shades. These teeth are called tetracycline teeth and are usually found in children. We will tell you why this defect occurs and how to deal with it in this article.

What are tetracycline teeth?

Teeth are called tetracycline teeth when their enamel has an unhealthy yellow-green to brownish colour. This defect is caused by taking tetracycline antibiotics.

When these drugs react with calcium, mineral compounds are formed that change the colour and structure of the dental hard tissue.

The defect may occur in the whole crown or some parts of it.

The most stained part of the crown is the part that was formed during the antibiotic treatment. For example, if a pregnant woman has taken tetracycline antibiotics, her child will have stained posterior teeth and the cervical area of the anterior teeth.

Currently, tetracycline antibiotics are not prescribed to children under 12 years of age or to pregnant women.

Tetracycline teeth do not always have a uniform colour. The shades can vary, and the maximum degree of staining occurs in the cervical area.

Generally, several shades are present on the surface of the tooth at once. The colour and its saturation depend on the preparation and the length of time it has been used.

Stages of tetracycline tooth decay:

  • Pigmentation of small areas of enamel with a slight discolouration – when taking the antibiotic for a short period
  • Considerable discolouration – with long-term treatment
  • Enamel undergrowth – with repeated courses of treatment

Tetracycline teeth come in different shades: yellow, lemon yellow, brown, yellowish-brown, grey-brown, orange and even brown.

Treatment of tetracycline teeth

The methods and duration of treatment depend on the stage of the disease.

The dentist’s main objective is to strengthen the enamel and improve the colour.

If the pigmentation is mild, treatment of tetracycline teeth consists of several mandatory steps:

  • caries treatment
  • professional hygiene
  • enamel remineralisation
  • tooth polishing
  • fluoride varnish

If the intensity of pigmentation is moderate, it is possible to improve the appearance of teeth with the help of office or home bleaching. 

Still, have questions? Ask us.

Tetracycline teeth spoil the aesthetics of your smile. Even with significant discolouration and hard tissue defects, veneers or crowns can effectively restore your smile. They reliably mask pigmentation, protect teeth and make them look perfect. The specialists at DMC Tour Clinic will create real masterpieces of dentistry for your perfect smile!


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