If The Filling Falls Out of The Tooth

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What to do if a filling falls out of a tooth

There are times when a filling just falls out of a tooth. This often happens at the most inopportune moment. Of course, this is a reason to immediately contact a dentist. But it is important to know what to do before you go to the dentist.

This situation must not be ignored, especially if the tooth begins to hurt. Timely action can help to reduce pain and prevent possible complications. But first of all, it is necessary to understand why a filling can fall out in the first place.

What causes a filling to fall out

  • Expiration of service life. A filling should be replaced at the end of its expected lifespan of about five years.
  • Poor hygiene. Irregular and improper oral hygiene can cause a filling to fall out.
  • Excessive strain. Even the best-quality filling cannot withstand chewing on nuts and pistachios.

Why it is important to see a dentist immediately

A loose filling opens up space for pathogenic bacteria, which can cause dangerous inflammation. In addition, the missing filling makes the tooth quite brittle. Under pressure, it can collapse and eventually it will take much longer and cost more to repair. It can happen, however, that a filling falls out at a very inopportune moment, e.g. on holiday or late at night.

First aid for a loose filling

  • Avoid putting pressure on the tooth. Try not to put pressure on the tooth: this may cause additional chipping.
  • When eating, try to chew with the other side of the jaw. Avoid hard foods if possible.
  • Do rinse. It is a good idea to rinse your mouth with a solution of soda, salt, and the decoction of chamomile, furacilin, or chlorhexidine.
  • Pay attention to hygiene. Brush your teeth as gently and carefully as possible.

The measures taken will help to soothe pain and allow you to wait until a doctor’s appointment without complications. However, do not get carried away with painkillers. Their purpose is to relieve the discomfort temporarily. Later on, they can weaken the effect of the anesthetics that will be needed during treatment.

Expectant mothers

There is an opinion that expectant mothers should not have their teeth treated. In fact, it is especially important for pregnant women to take care of their health. Therefore, if a filling has fallen out, a tooth hurts, and is bleeding, it is worth seeing a doctor immediately.

Any questions? Ask us

A loose filling can be very uncomfortable. Appropriate measures, such as rinsing and gentle brushing, can help you wait for your appointment without consequences. Don’t put off going to the dentist: the sooner he starts the treatment, the easier and quicker it will be.


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