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Dentists say that in order for children to develop an awareness of the need for dental care, as well as an understanding of how to do it properly, parents should talk to them more often about it.


The question is how to get your child interested in the not-so-fun topic of dental and oral health. The answer is: talk to them not only about serious topics like the dangers of sweets or proper brushing techniques but also about something that might interest them.


A list of facts that will be of interest to children!

  • Every person’s dental impressions are unique. Imagine, no two people in the entire world have perfectly matched dental impressions! The same goes for the tongue pattern.
  • A toothbrush consists of almost 2,500 bristles! Explain to your child how many micro-bristles are involved in keeping their teeth clean!
  • Chewing gum is almost as bad for the teeth as candy and carbonated drinks. There is a fact about soda pop people who drink more than 500ml of carbonated water per day are 62% more likely to suffer from dental diseases.
  • The progenitors of toothpaste are ashes, charcoal, and even the hooves of cattle. In the past, people, realizing the importance of brushing their teeth, went to such lengths, but today we have the opportunity to brush with pleasant toothpaste in different flavors, so it would be foolish to neglect it – this is what your child should learn.
  • The molar teeth of elephants can reach up to 9 kilograms (one tooth) and yet they manage to get completely worn out in 10 years. Why is this so? The thing is that elephants eat a lot: about 50 kilos. vegetation daily. Don’t let your child worry about the elephant: after a wear out tooth falls out, a new one grows in its place. This can happen about 5-6 times in an animal’s lifetime. Explain to your little one that humans are not elephants and there is no second set of teeth for us (unless of course, we have dentures), so it’s important to keep your mouth and diet clean and certainly not to consume sweets in huge quantities.

With these fun and useful facts, talking about dental health will not only be fun for your child, but it will also have the effect it deserves!

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