Which Implants Are Best?

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Which implants are best?

Before you decide to get a dental implant, you probably want to know in advance how the surgery is done, what kinds of dental implants exist, and which ones are better. In this article, we’ll help you navigate through the variety of offerings so that you, being savvy in this matter, can work with your doctor to select the right implants for price, quality, and durability.

What are the features of the implant to consider?

The manufacturing company

The company that manufactured the implants determines their quality characteristics and reliability. As a rule, dentists give preference to well-known brands that have already proven themselves on the best side.

The prices for different types of implants (per implant) depend on which company is the manufacturer:

  • Luxury designs from Nobel Biocare (Switzerland) Straumann (Switzerland), Astra Tech (Sweden)
  • Premium systems from Xive Friadent (Germany), AlphaBio (Israel), and Apkulos (Germany) 
  • Budget implants from Adin (Israel) and Implantium (South Korea) 

You have to agree that we trust something that has been proven to work many times. Also, when choosing an implant brand, one should be guided by the company’s experience, the warranty given on the products, and their compliance with international quality standards. For example, Nobel Biocare gives a lifetime warranty on the implants they make, so at DMC Tour we use these very implants among the luxury systems. AlphaBio products also have a lifetime warranty, being a part of Nobel since 2008. And it’s the choice of our dentistry among the premium category. Astra Tech products are implants with chemically modified surfaces for fast engraftment. Straumann implants are particularly resistant due to the porous surface, and the Apkulos is a sealed connection of all components for a stable fit of the crown. Among the budget systems, DMC Tour prefers Dentium – double threading and sandblasting for secure engraftment.

Learn more about the lifetime guarantee at our clinic.


The best material for implants is titanium and its alloys. The body accepts them favorably. In addition, titanium is highly resistant and anti-corrosive.

The surface of the construction

The reliability and quality of the implant engraftment process are ensured by the micro-relief on its surface. The bone tissue grows into the porous artificial root.


In certain areas of the jaw, there are different bone densities. Therefore, it is better to give preference to implants that have 2-3 types of thread relief. Then the stability of the implant will be guaranteed.


The most common model is a cone-shaped implant. Such a shape ensures a neat installation, fast healing of the “root” and an even distribution of the chewing load. There are also flat basal implants.


Manufacturers offer implants of different diameters and lengths from 6 to 16 mm. A wide range of sizes helps you choose an artificial “root” for a specific clinical situation – depending on the volume and density of your bone tissue, jaw features, and the distance between neighboring teeth.

It is important to understand that the final choice of implant system should be made by a qualified specialist and only after a thorough examination of your dental system. Only modern 3D diagnosis reveals all of its features down to the millimeter. And then the doctor selects the implant with the most suitable characteristics, agreeing with you on his proposal.

Still, have questions? Ask us

After examination and 3D imaging, we will select the right implant for you and give you a price guide. You can ask me your question right now!

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